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Section 15: Seminars


Students are required to register for NEUROGS 7887 every semester it is offered unless an exception is granted by the NGP Committee.  A grade for the course will be based upon attendance.


Students are required to attend all NGP sponsored seminars including Frontiers in Neuroscience seminars.


Starting in their 4th year all students should present one 30 minute seminar annually during their remaining tenure in the program.

  • Generally there will be two groups of two speakers per semester (four students), and seminars can be presented in the home department of the student's research advisor. Our intention is that these presentations be made to as broad an audience as possible, like a true colloquium, therefore research focus-area seminars generally do not count towards this requirement.
  • Whichever departmental seminar program is chosen, the seminars should be advertised as typical seminars for that program, and cross-listed with all other neuro-related seminar programs to maximize attendance.  The Program Administrator will assist in advertising seminars.  Seminar information should be sent to the Program Administrator no less than three weeks prior to the seminar.
  • Attendance of NGP students is required. 
  • Must be a minimum of three faculty present per speaker: 1) research mentor, 2) faculty colleague working in the same or related sub-discipline, and 3) one more NGP faculty member outside the subdiscipline.
  • Student presenters are "hosted" by their research mentor. It is the mentor's job to make sure the seminar is properly posted, and to lobby colleagues to attend.  As there will typically be two back-to-back seminars, the lobbying effort will tend to be distributed to two faculty. This means that in principle there will be at least six faculty present at each of the dual seminar sessions (see point #5 above). 
  • The NGP program directors and graduate studies committee will work with student advisors to determine the best semester for each student to present in order to minimize any undue burden on either the student or his/her advisor. This is intended to be an enlightening, and hopefully fun, experience.