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Section 9: The Advisory Committee

In the NGP, the Advisory Committee is responsible for administering both the Candidacy Examination and the Final Doctoral Examination. Additionally, the Advisory Committee provides feedback to students during the conduct and planning of their research and is responsible for determining whether or not the student is ready for the Final Doctoral Examination. Students are required to meet with their Advisory Committee at least once per year to discuss research plans and receive feedback on proposed research and progression.

Steps to Establish an Advisory Committee:

  1. In the the autumn or spring of Year 2, consult with your advisor to determine if you are ready to proceed with candidacy.
  2. Yes, you are ready to proceed.
    • Identify members of your Advisory Committee in consultation with your advisor
      • The Advisory Committee consists of a minimum of four faculty members:
        • Your advisor, an NGP faculty member with Category P Status (must serve as Chair of the committee)
        • Two Additional NGP faculty members with Category P Status
        • One additional NGP faculty OR one non-NGP faculty member at Ohio State with Category P status
          • non-NGP faculty directly related to the student’s research may be appointed, if appropriate, as the fourth Committee member. 
        • Optional: A Fifth, External, Committee Member (a faculty member that is not currently associated with NGP or another graduate program at OSU)
          • Submit a Committee and Exam Petition form via GRADFORMS if you have an external committee member.
    • Contact the selected faculty members to confirm participation on committee 
    • Obtain NGP Director(s) approval of Advisory Committee members 
      • Email the NGP Director(s) copying the NGP administrator and your advisor requesting approval of your Advisory Committee
      • In the body of the email, include the name of each proposed faculty member with a brief statement explaining the research focus of that member and the unique perspective that they bring to the committee
      • The Advisory Committee will normally become the Final Doctoral Examination Committee.  However, changes and additions to the Advisory Committee must be approved by the NGP Director(s).
  3. No, you are not ready to proceed.
    • Keep communicating with your advisor until you are ready to proceed then refer to the steps described above.

Revised 3/9/2022