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Section 5: Student Records

The Program Administrator, acting on behalf of the NGP Director(s), will maintain the files of all applicants to the Program and the official academic files of all students in the Program. These files will be treated confidentially but they may be distributed to faculty members of the NGP Committee or to other members of the NGP faculty to assist in the admissions process.

Access to files of students in the Program is restricted to faculty members of the NGP Committee, the student’s advisor, and others with permission of the NGP Director.  Students may examine items in their files excluding only those items with a signed Waiver of Right to Access, such as letters of recommendation.

The NGP will maintain the academic files of NGP students during their tenure plus one year.  However, the file of any admitted student who does not enroll in classes in the designated semester of acceptance will be destroyed after one year.  The NGP Director is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the student file maintenance.  The Graduate School maintains the official records of student grades.