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Prospective Students

Our goal is to attract innovative, forward thinkers and train them to become tomorrow’s pioneers in brain research. To this end we offer a competitive, stimulating environment for students pursuing a doctoral degree in neuroscience. Our interdisciplinary training program will provide you with the foundations of neuroscience knowledge through an integrated and wide-ranging curriculum. You will then choose an area of research emphasis and work one-on-one with successful and distinguished faculty. We will train you to be self-reliant, versatile masters of laboratory brain research and its associated scholarship such as grant writing, teaching, and mentoring. With hard work and dedication, your training will prepare you for an array of positions within academia and industry.

Our students are making breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research, pioneering the tools that will help control and destroy brain tumors, unraveling the genetics of neurological, neuromuscular, and neurodegenerative diseases, and exploring the mysteries of how city lights, environmental toxins, stress, and aging impact brain function and the brain’s response to injury. Others are exploring how ensembles of neurons communicate with one-another to produce complex and rhythmic behaviors, or to help us see the world around us. And still others are providing insights into human addiction, neuropsychiatric diseases, and even the genetics of developmental disorders like autism. With our help, you too can unlock the mysteries of the mind.

Why Choose NGP?

Because we have what you are looking for...

  • Full tuition waiver, an annual stipend, and health insurance
  • A modern, rigorous, and comprehensive neuroscience curriculum
  • Nationally and internationally renowned faculty engaged in cutting-edge research
  • Interdisciplinary research training
  • Teaching opportunities
  • A commitment to professional development
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Our students compete successfully for government and private grants
  • Our graduates obtain faculty positions at leading institutions

Degree Options

  • PhD
  • MD/PhD (MSTP) - Training future physician scientist leaders in academic medicine and research. For additional information visit the Medical Scientist Training Program website.